Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Shelving Renovation + Mood Boards

Remember those mood boards I posted about on Wednesday?? Also remember my shelves in my bedroom?? Well today those two things met, and they go together SO WELL!

Before: {I did have a January theme, but I didn't have pictures of it}.

New Theme: "Spring"

I love my mood boards! I plan on re-doing them lots!
Happy Friday!

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Deanna Crone said... [Reply to comment]

This idea is too cute! I hate that people decorate shelves and then never update them throughout the seasons. Love your posts :)


Ashley @ ThisUnscriptedLife said... [Reply to comment]

I love your shelves and the way they are decorated!

I recently lost a large book case due to some furniture rearranging. Our computer desk now sits where the case was. I need to go out and get a few wall shelves to keep my books and picture frames on.

Hopefully I can make mine as cute as yours =)