Life goes by so quickly, and I often forget to just stop and "smell the roses" if you will. This blog documents the little moments in life that so often get glossed over. These snapshots will forever be documented in my memory. Welcome to A Silver Snapshot!

What You Need To Know About Me:
  • I am in my early twenties.
  • I am a Christian in a growing relationship with God.
  • I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • I love photography though I wouldn't consider myself a photographer.
  • I love to sew, cook, bake, craft, organize, clean, craft, write, read, craft . . . basically I'm an artsy homemaker.
  • I have bad case of wanderlust.
  • I am slightly old-fashioned combined with classy and hippie.
  • I often forget my life isn't a musical. 
  • My favourite musical artist is Taylor Swift.
  • I don't even remember why I started this blog, but I love how it has grown and changed and become something I truly cherish.