Monday, March 18, 2013

OUAT: Welcome To Storybrooke

To be honest, I thought this episode would deliver more of . . . I don't know . . . something. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's possible to "hate/dislike" an episode of Once Upon A Time. But this was definitely one of the slower-more-predictable-nothing-really-happened episodes. Let's discuss "Welcome To Storybrooke".

  • Best Moment: SHERIFF GRAHAM!!!! I seriously need to stop reading spoilers and whatnot, because it somewhat ruined the surprise impact. Either way, I was so happy to see him step out of the police vehicle in all his sheriff glory. Or maybe in Regina's words, "That uniform is so well-fitted."
  • Worst Moment: Kinda like I was ready for Cora to go away, I am now equally ready for Mr. Greg Mendell/Owen Flynn to leave. Where does he get the right to {A} stay in Storybrooke, {B} go for random nature hikes, {C} call Regina on Henry's behalf, and {D} randomly show up at the most opportunistic times to take videos of magic going-ons???? {Any bets placed that the "Her" he's been communicating with is Neal's fiance, Tamara?}
  • Interesting Moment: I didn't realize that the people of Storybrooke literally lived the same life day-in-and-day-out for 28 years. Ya, that would be boring for the one Storybrooke resident who knows differently. {Also, I read somewhere that Rumplestiltskin didn't regain his memory until Emma came into town}. 
  • Funny Moment: Regina eats anything apple. Apple pancakes. Apple turnovers. 
  • Character Moment: Little Owen may be cute, but he's a little bit of a brat. Anyone else think so? Mind you, Regina was acting equally bratty, so maybe it's all good.
  • Plot Moment: Is Rumplestiltskin right? Is the only way to end this blood feud with Regina to kill her? I mean, they tried saving her before {actually many times}, and it hasn't worked. The one catch, as per usual, . . . Henry.
  • Creepy Moment: Regina being all like, "Stay with me and live in Storybrooke" to Owen and Kurt. I'm sure there are less creepy ways to proposition new living locations.
  • Random Moment: Hi Gus/Billy. 
  • Family Moment: It was nice seeing Neal & Emma working together to try to protect Henry. It was also funny when Neal was thinking how great of a father he was when really, no. I'm digging this trio.
  • Thrilling Moment: Kurt & Owen vs. Regina & Sheriff Graham car chase. Any team that has Sheriff Graham on it has my vote. 
  • Climax Moment: This is what I mean when I think it was one of "those" episodes. Did anyone actually think Henry was going to "blow up magic"? Did anyone actually think Team Charmings would kill Regina or vica versa? Did anyone actually think Regina would kill MM/Snow? No, hence the I-wasn't-as-impressed-with-this-episode attitude.
  • Story Moment: It'll be interesting to see where they go with the black spot on MM's heart, and how that will all get handled/resolved. 
  • Cliffhanger: Greg=Owen.
  • Next Episode: Greg & Tamara get involved in Storybrooke but who cares because AUGUST W. BOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!

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Started following you on Bloglovin' - We'll get thru this transition :)

Rebecca Harasym said... [Reply to comment]

I have never watched this show but it sure sounds interesting! Thanks for the recap!