Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the Name of Love & Other Things {Part 1}

Valentines Day. Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. Some of us are indifferent. Either way, there is a day, and that day is focused on love. So for the next three days, I will be sharing some thoughts about love.

Today's edition will be focusing more on the sad parts of love in this world.
  • When people sacrifice character or values or morals or beliefs in the name of love.
  • When people feel negatively pressured in the name of love.
  • When something that was once love can turn into something so closely resembling hate.
  • When human love isn't enough. 
  • When people feel unlovable. 
  • When love isn't returned. 
  • When love is conditional.
True love isn't attainable in this world. There I said it. We are human. We are selfish. We are imperfect. But Lord-willing, we strive everyday to become better at loving. Because sometimes love is sad.


Janine BakeGlueandTrend said... [Reply to comment]

Love can be sad yes but also wonderful. I do think there is true love (think about how you feel about your family, even when we quarrel or are sometimes a bit mean to each other we would still go to the ends of the earth for them) and the love you feel for your friends too. I sometimes think non romantic love is the best kind of love there is. I am lucky that me and Mr Bertie are best friends so I feel we do have a very true love but it is FAR from perfect and we will always have to work at it to keep each other and ourselves happy if we want to stay together. We also made a promise to each other to say if the other was not being true to themselves or sacrificing too much for our relationship and it has worked. We are so honest, I even tell him if he has put on weight (he made me promise to do this as he is into his training and sports) and he tells me if I am not pushing myself enough or if I need to do more things with my friends or my Mum (rather than just being in a little bubble with him) I think love is hard unless it is for family. Wow I rambled then haha, hope I made sense?!

Janine xx
Bake, Glue and Trend!