Monday, February 11, 2013

OUAT: Tiny

Three weeks is really too long to go without our favourite TV show, so it was so enjoyable to get into the groove. And let me just tell you, Brother and I were calling the storylines and plots in this episode like a boss! Thoroughly enjoyable. But let's admit, anything with Hurley is :)
  • Best Moment: The "romantic" conversation that MM & David had while walking home from the diner after Anton/Tiny was incorporated into their community. I just remember where they were last Valentines when David bought two Valentines cards {what ever happened to Catherine anyways?}. They've come so far. I realize they disagree about going back to FairyTale World, but at least they are together.
  • Worst Moment: I'm not gonna lie. I was thoroughly confused and bit worried over Mr. Gold's freak-out it the men's room at the airport. Is it because he's losing his magic? I wasn't certain what was all going on here.
  • Flirt Moment: Hook to MM. I feel as if there is a different gal he flirts with every week. Luckily, Prince Charming was there to put him in his place. 
  • Cool Storyline Moment: I would just like to say that I totally called the "giant-had-a-run-in-with-David's-twin-brother-James" story. Seriously, I did. Ask Brother if you don't believe me. I like that they brought back "James". It was cool to see the difference between the brothers. Although it did give me a startle seeing James & Jacqueline together. 
  • Random Moment: King George
  • Twist Moment: Jacqueline = Jack = Jack and the Beanstalk. Did not see that one coming, but it totally worked. {Tess Mercer from Smallville anyone?}
  • Magic Moment: Tiny & mushrooms & Regina & whatnot. However, does anybody else think his character is exactly the same as Hurley's from LOST? A little unsure of himself? But finds his purpose in being put in charge of something {food-related nonetheless}? 
  • Cute Moment: Henry's reactions during the roadtrip. "Cinnabons!" 
  • Scary Moment: Greg Mendell and Belle conspiring together. I know she can't help it, but I really don't like the memory-less Belle. It is really sad. 
  • Confusing Moment: So Cora sent Regina to do her work? Why didn't she just use the same spell she's been using all along in Storybrooke to turn herself into someone else? Random.
  • Worrisome Moment: Should we be worried about Regina's reaction to Emma taking Henry out of town?
  • Funny Moment: Watching MM explaining to Tiny the whereabouts of Emma.
  • Prince Moment: For as bad as James was tonight, David pulled out all of the stops. Holster. Surrendering himself for the sake of the town. Saving Tiny. 
  • Cliffhanger: Mr. Gold freaking out on a plane.
  • Next Episode: NEAL CASSIDY/BAELFIRE HAS TO BE RUMPLE'S SON AND HENRY'S DAD! How can it not be? Also, Hook, Cora, and Regina conspire to kill Rumplestiltskin. 

Happy Monday!


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Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
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I am sooooo behind on your blog! I am going to sit back and have a good read now starting here :)

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