Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let's Talk "Les Miserables"

Yes, this topic gets its own blogpost.
Deal with it.

Les Miz

Here are my detailed thoughts on the film {Spoilers}. 
  • Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean): Absolutely brilliant actor. His performance in What Have I Done?/Valjean's Soliloquy was heart-wrenching. He played the perfect rescuer to Fantine and the perfect father to Cosette. A couple of nasally notes, however, overall a 4.5/5. 
  • Anne Hathaway (Fantine): Scene stealing. Breathtaking. Oscar shoe-in. All these phrases and more apply to our darling Princess Diaries girl. How can you not be moved by her ONE TAKE I Dreamed a Dream???? Definitely a 6/5.
  • Russell Crowe (Javert): This actor created a lot of controversy in the reviews. A lot of people categorized him as the weakest and out of his league. However, I wouldn't agree. He doesn't have the vocal ranges of the previous two actors, but his acting and attempts are still wonderful. I would give him a 3.5/5. I still get bored during Stars no matter who sings it. 
  • Sacha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter (Monsieur & Madame Thenardier): They were hilarious and provided the necessary comic relief. Their interactions with each other and everyone around them were always enjoyable. The only criticism I have was the toned down version of Master of the House compared to the raucous version on stage. 3.75/5.
  • Amanda Seyfried (Cosette): She was all the wide-eyed, in-love, innocent character that she needed to be. Plus she hit those difficult soprano notes with ease. Her chemistry with Marius was believable {difficult to pull off}. No complaints. Cosette is an interesting role because she is talked about for about 75% of the entire show, but she is actually only in it for approximately 25%. 4/5.
  • Eddie Redmayne (Marius): Why have I never heard this actor sing before? He was absolutely brilliant, and his seasoned voice was very apparent. One of the best renditions of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables I have ever heard. I hope he has a long and musical career! Plus, he made Marius someone worth fighting for and not just a annoying, lovesick puppy. 5/5.
  • Aaron Tveit (Enjolras): Another new face who also did a wonderful portrayal as the zealous revolution leader. I don't have much to comment on this guy other than I'm glad they kept the traditional death pose the same in both the film and stage. It was a respect move. 3.5/5.
  • Samantha Barks (Eponine): As is with most gals my age, Eponine is the fan favourite. Everyone has related to her at some point in their life, so naturally everyone always roots for her. Why, I even sang On My Own during my brief singing stint back in high school. So then also naturally I would be the pickiest when it came to her role. Samantha Barks was excellent! She obviously knows the part inside out due to her long history with the role. Yes, she was the most inexperienced screen actor. My biggest disappointment was the sacrificing of Eponine's role for more screen time for Gavroche. Don't get me wrong, I love the kid, but not at the disposal of Eponine. A Little Fall of Rain and its emotional punch was cut short. She didn't even appear in the Valjean's Death number, which I see why they made that decision, but . . . ya . . . . Anyways, Miss Barks was excellent. 3.5/5.
Now, that I've officially written your ear off {um, what}, here are a couple other thoughts.
  • Rearranging the order for I Dreamed A Dream worked brilliantly and dare I say, fit so much better where it was placed in the film.
  • Lots and lots of added scenes and dialogue. Again, probably necessary in order to create a flowing storyline.
  • Gavroche was cute and perfect.
  • I liked the presentation of One Day More better on stage. The intercutting on the film takes away from the build. 
  • What the heck was that whole Santa thing???? Unnecessary . . .
  • The scenery was so good!!!! That is one thing that can't be captured on the stage.
Yet in all my picking apart and details, I absolutely loved it! Go see it. Go see it twice {I'm going again tomorrow}. And remember, do you hear the people sing???


NewlyLoved said... [Reply to comment]

My Hubs is so excited to see this!
xo Jessica

Megan said... [Reply to comment]

I heard a lot of people raving about this film. I haven't seen it yet. I need to find a friend to go with because I doubt I can persuade the hubs to go to this one.

<New Follower :)

fugeecat said... [Reply to comment]

I can't decide if I want to see the movie or not. Sometimes musicals that turned into movies aren't as good as the original show.

Ashley @ ThisUnscriptedLife said... [Reply to comment]

I'm going to see this with me mom tomorrow and I am more than excited! I can't wait!!!