Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/11 {Greenery and Switzerland}

And I'm back! It was not a good feeling being without my camera, and I felt as if I had abandoned my blog or something. A tad melodramatic??? Maybe . . .


Two thoughts on this dress:
  1. I am wearing green because I am filming the Sunday church announcements with Brother this afternoon and wanted to look Christmasy.
  2. Don't I look like Heidi's older sister??? I feel as if I should be roaming the Swiss Alps with a basket and sheep.

Earrings: Gift // Shirt: Bargain Shop // Dress: Guatemala
Leggings: Claire's // Socks: American Apparel

Also, I attempted a sock bun in my hair. What do you think?




KatySue Pillsbury said... [Reply to comment]

I love your dress and earrings!
And your sock bun is miles better then my rather pitiful attempts, I can get it about halfway wrapped and then it just gets all wonky and weird!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said... [Reply to comment]

The hair looks great!


Sara said... [Reply to comment]

Your hair looks great! I wish I had the patience and could grow my hair out so I can do fun things too!

Janine said... [Reply to comment]

You seem to have some great pairs of socks!! They look very cosy to me right now with our weather. What is a sock bun? It looks very nice but I am intrigued at the name. In UK we use hair donuts to get the same effect which is a ring thing made out of foam or other springy material that we thread the hair through and pin and add a bow on the side too.

Janine xx