Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressember 2012

The project: Dressember 2012
The mission: Only dresses for 31 days
The rules: Repeats allowed
The collection: 34 {yes, 34} dresses
The reason: I love dresses and . . . why not?


So I have decided {very last minute, I might add} to participate in Dressember 2012. Am I crazy? Probably. I live in average -25 degrees Celsius weather. I walk a lot to my destination due to a lack of a vehicle. Am I excited and inspired? Absolutely! Those who know me know my love of dresses, and I've been itching for another A Silver Snapshot challenge {I'm all about the challenges}.


Now, I have a total of 34 dresses belonging to my name. This is an assortment of summer dresses, winter dresses, party dresses, short and long dresses, and handmade dresses. Some might say that is a lot, while others would disagree. Either way, this is the starting lot for this challenge.


I am going back to blogging every day, because I will photographing and documenting each of the 31 dress days :). However, fear not, this will not be the only content during this month. Other regular {or irregular, who knows} blog posts will either be in an additional post or combined. 
Furthermore, I'll put some of these pictures on my Instagram asilversnapshot.


Finally, here are ways to particpate . . .
1. Suggest different outfit combinations or specific dresses for certain days.
2. Donate/Lend me dresses {I'm looking at my girlfriends who are approximately the same size as me}.
3. Leave your link in the comments if you are participating in Dressember!

Yay, exciting!
See you tomorrow with the first installment.


KatySue Pillsbury said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, sounds like a super fin challenge! I wish I had enough dresses to participate, but I have a hard time finding dresses, so I only have a few!
Can't wait to see all of your lovely dresses in action! =)