Thursday, August 09, 2012

No. 364 - Embrace Your Surroundings

Can you believe that this is the second last photograph? Since I've already known what my last picture would be for some time now, I thought it only fitting that the second to last would include my family.

This is my family. They are my best friends, biggest supporters, favourite people, most valued influence, and I could go on. However, living with these two has shown me the value of embracing the time when you have it. I did not always have the opportunity to live in the same household as either Dad or Brother, so lately, I've been really trying to make a conscious effort to enjoy living with them now. 

And it pays off. I love being around them, and they can make me laugh like no other. They put up with all my crazy crafty hippie shenanigans. And in turn, I get unparalleled support. So, I'm taking this time {and I encourage you too} to embrace my surroundings. Here are some other shots from the family dinner.