Wednesday, August 08, 2012

No. 363 - This Is Our City Part 10

Yay, not only is the 365 Photo A Day Challenge coming to an end in TWO days,
but this also marks the end to the This Is Our City Challenge. I started this challenge as a way to document ownership of the beauty and potential of Fort McMurray. I love where I live and I wanted to share that love, whatever it looked liked. This final installment is a bit different though.

At the end of July, the youth and young adults of MGA got together at Borealis Park to celebrate the Lord and worship in the midst of our city. It was an amazing and challenging night. But it will never be more powerful to sing "Oh no, we won't stay silent/Shout it out from the rooftops singing/We're not ashamed, not ashamed of You, Jesus" as it is to sing it outside. We are here. This is our city.
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