Thursday, June 07, 2012

No. 301 - A Hairy Situation

So, as weird as that title sounds, it does have some self-esteem point to it.
Here's a little history.
I haven't appreciated {or known what to do with} my hair until about the last year-ish.
Ok, don't tune out now.
Basically something was always wrong.
It was always too frizzy.
Too long.
Too dry.
Too many split ends.
I have come to terms with it and learned how to work with it though.

Ok, now here's where the self-esteem point comes in.
We all {probably speaking to girls here} have body features that we wish were different.
Longer legs, smaller waist, bigger . . . ahem . . . chest.
The point is {not to quote Bruno Mars} but you're beautiful just the way you are.

So this week, let's all take something about our body that we normally don't like and find the positive in it.

I'll start.
I don't like that my hair is dry and frizzy,
but . . .
I do like that it is low-maintenance and doesn't need to be washed every day.

Now, you try.

And for the picture of the day,
my coworker posted this on my bag at work.
Sometimes you don't value things about yourself the same way that others do.
Remember that.