Wednesday, June 06, 2012

No. 300 - 21st

Happy FREAKING Birthday to this girl!

That's right. My sister, Crystal, is turning TWENTY-ONE today. 
Let's take a moment for this to sink in.
Here are 21 things that I love about my sister!
  1. She can kick butt at any sport in the world.
  2. She has an insane memory for faces.
  3. She knows exactly what she does and doesn't like.
  4. She geeks out with me over Les Miserables.
  5. She thinks like me.
  6. She can make anyone feel comfortable.
  7. She is super fit and a workout queen.
  8. She is an excellent listener.
  9. She's just drop-dead gorgeous {I think the term, babe, would describe her best}.
  10. She has dreadlocks.
  11. She went with me to see Taylor Swift {even though it is definitely not her thing}.
  12. She puts up with my mood swings.
  13. She has been taking this time in her life to study the Bible for a year {so proud}.
  14. She loves LOST.
  15. She has her own sense of style.
  16. She has a good taste in music.
  17. She's going to visit this summer.
  18. She is really good at math {read: I'm not}.
  19. She is going to do great things with her life.
  20. She is super talented at guitar and singing.
  21. She has a huge love for God, her family, and her friends!
Happy Birthday, baby girl.
Wish I could be with you on your day!


devinbrishell said... [Reply to comment]

Those things are so true! We made her birthday special and she kept talking about how amazing it was to skype with you the other day. :) ...oh and I got her 3 Calgary Flames shot glasses, haha. You should check out my blog! I post a lot of things about beauty and what I am learning in SBS as well. :)