Thursday, April 26, 2012

No. 259 - Awkward & Awesome Thursday

This is a picture of all of us going to church on Sunday morning. 
It's been a long time time since the three of us went together, so I wanted to document the moment!

Anyways, it is a Thursday again, so time for another round of 

  • So I have been back lifeguarding for all of two days, when I got my very first dating proposal. It went like this. Guy hangs around the top of the slides for awhile and lets other people go down before him. Silver starts to get suspicious. Silver leaves the top of the slide for her rotation off. Guy's friend is walking up the slide stairs. Guy's friend asks, "Hey, are you single?" Silver, taken aback, replies, "Maybe?" Guy's friend says, "Because my friend is interested. He's just shy." Silver keeps walking down the stairs after giving a "Ahhhh" reply. Two days, people, two days.
  • I took the bus for the very first time this week. The whole catching the bus, switching buses, and getting a transfer pass was all just very confusing and awkward.
  • Carrying on a conversation via text with one Nathan all along thinking it was the other Nathan. It took a while for me to figure out I was texting the wrong Nathan.
  • Trying to compromise seating arrangements at Sunday morning church. When one member of your family wants to sit up front, another member of your family wants to sit in the back, and a third member doesn't care as long as everyone sits together . . . leads for some interesting pre-service conversation. 
  • My first week of being done school has been nothing short of amazing. I have slept in. I have read fiction books. I have done crafts. And I have worked a job like a normal person.
  • My new job at MacIsland. Things are working out well, and I am so thankful.
  • The Lord - this week has been extra special.
  • Okay, I know it has snowed, but besides that, it really is beginning to feel like spring!
  • Running outside again. Right now my count is two, and the second run was so much better than the first.
  • Karen Kingsbury books.
Happy Thursday!