Monday, April 23, 2012

No. 256 - Election Day & OUAT

Just a reminder that today is Alberta's Election Day.
I hope you get the opportunity to make it to the polls.

It's been awhile since my favourite TV show Once Upon A Time has aired a new episode, and I really did not care for last night's episode. Therefore, that makes Rumplestiltskin-centred-episodes 0-2. Here are my thoughts on "The Return".
  • Best Moment: I've said it before, but the interactions between August W. Booth and Henry are my absolute favourite part about both of their characters. Henry needs someone to believe in him just as much as August W. Booth does.
  • Worst Moment: Well, pretty much this episode. It really did not answer any questions except for the fact that August W. Booth is in fact NOT Rumplestiltskin's son. However about 10 minutes into the episode, I had already figured that out. It would have been too easy. However, we still do not know who August W. Booth really is. All we know is that he is sick and needs magic.
  • Crossover Moment: I like the callback to the digging/burying in the woods by Mr. Gold from several episodes ago.
  • Sweet Moment: I liked when David visited Katherine in the hospital.
  • Evil Moment: Regina setting Sydney up to take the fall for Katherine's disappearance. 
  • Cliffhanger: Emma is fighting for custody!
  • Next Episode: Pinocchio.