Thursday, February 09, 2012

No. 182 - Master Plan & Crazy Love Update

First of all, exciting news . . .
this is my halfway point for the 365 day photo challenge! Woot, woot!
Technically, half of 365 is 182.5 so this could have been either today or tomorrow;
however, I decided today would be the day!

As for my post, I am sharing with you my master plan for my nursing final! 
It is on Febraury 21st and is cumulative of everything learned over the past 7 weeks.

First, I wrote out all my testable topics and averaged how long it would take me to study for each. The total amount of hours is 44.5. Then I divided that up between 10 days, which ends up being approximately 5 hours of studying per day. I assigned day 11 as a review day. 

Now, here are some helpful aids that will enable me to kick butt on this final.
1) My faux-glasses (or flasses); they make me feel smarter and hence, study smarter. 2) Cal Newport's How to Become a Straight A Student; Amazing insight and tips. 3) Coffee - of course. 

Second update of the day. I wanted to touch base with my Crazy Love journey. I had started blogging about it here. Our Girl's Group is currently working on Chapter 4: Profile of the Lukewarm. Let me tell you, that chapter killed me. I had a moment of revelation where I realized I have more in common with the Pharisees of the New Testament than iconic Christians such as Peter or Paul. The question I asked myself is: "What part of my life have I actually given to God?" The answer was unfortunate . . . . Not to leave this update on an unpleasant note, but there is still a ways to go on this journey to find crazy love.

"The truth is, their [lukewarm people] lives wouldn't look much different 
if they suddenly stopped believing in God."
-Francis Chan, Chapter 4: Profile of the Lukewarm-


Kaylee Hornsby said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Silver! I loved getting your comment. Your blog is great! There is a photo shoot with this couple:

Thanks for reading!


Silver said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, Kaylee!