Tuesday, August 09, 2011


...it's a slice of my life.

I've realized lately how much I enjoy my camera and the images it downloads onto my computer. I realize I am no camera expert, but here are my reasons for photography.

1) I just straight out love it.
2) I love capturing moments on film.
3) I love getting life moments.
4) I love the creativity that can come from it.
5) I love how talented photographers are.
6) And much more.

I have never nor will I ever pretend to know photography, but creativity, that I can know. Documentation, I can do that. So here it is.

I'm going to do a 365 day photo challenge. Even just typing that seems daunting, and I'm already questioning what I got myself into. So here are the challenge components.

  • I will be posting them on my blog along with a numbered title.
  • I will be allowed to take a photograph of absolutely ANYTHING!
  • I will be allowed to ordain theme weeks.
  • I will undoubtedly need encouragement to follow through if anyone is interested in about 224 days.
  • I will welcome photography advice.
  • This doesn't mean I will cease writing my normal blogs.
  • I will try to explain the reasoning behind each picture, but, disclaimer, there may not always be one.
So today, there will be no picture tonight in honour of the challenge starting tomorrow. Here I go.....