Friday, February 10, 2012

No. 183 - Valentine's Day Poem & A Birthday

Tonight, my friends and I wrote a Valentine's poem on a Valentine's Starbucks cup. 
It was a beautiful thing.

We're writing this poem for Valentine's Day. (written by Liz)
I still remember that day we first met. (written by Leah)
I was driving too fast and ran over your pet. (written by DJ)
Now my heart is filled with regret. (written by Ashley)
Alas, your smile turned into a frown. (written by Eric)
Running over your dog, I let you down. (written by Andrew)
Then Sean Connery came into town. (written by Kaitlyn)
Happy Valentines Day! (All of us!)

P.S. I love the Starbucks Valentine's cups!

P.S.S. Happy birthday to this guy!