Monday, July 04, 2011

Let There Be ... Music

For 12 years, I took rigorous piano lessons. Everything from scales to technique to ear training to classical training to exams to competitions to performances to medals. You name it. I did it. I took two exams with Royal Conservatory of Canada and four exams with Canadian Conservatory. I traveled to Penticton to compete in provincials.

Then I quit.

It's almost like it wasn't for me anymore. Maybe cause it was all about me? I went to YWAM and heard music like I've never heard it before. Talented musicians played music not for themselves but for God. I recorded a song that sounded like nothing I've ever played before.

But I still wasn't ready.

I took a year and a half off. I needed to figure out what role music would play in my life.

About a month ago, my sister asked me to play on her worship team when I was home for a bit. This was the first time I had played in over a year. At first, I was a bit hesitant due to the history. But something amazing happened. I played for Him - God. It was just me and Him and the piano. I was beaming some of the time and at other times I was crying. The congregation didn't matter. If I hit a wrong note, it didn't matter. Cause that's not was it was about.

Two days ago, God gave me my music back (through Amy ♥). I have a keyboard now. It's small in comparison to a grand piano, but it's music. I know I am entering a new era of playing, and I'm excited for it. 

Let there be music!