Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Summer Job

This summer I am working at Heritage Park. This is a museum-type exhibit in the form of an old-fashioned village. There are all sorts of buildings from a church to a schoolhouse to a police station to a drug store to a house. The park also features a gift shop and several events throughout the course of the year.

That is where my job comes in. I am one of the Events Coordinators. The next event coming up is called Heritage Day which will be the biggest event of the year. My job requires me to place and answer phone calls, sort out paperwork, attend meetings, update websites, and odds and ends such as preparing banners or setting up for lunches in the boardroom.

I've only worked three days, but so far, I love it. I have a wonderful coworker who teaches me everything I need to know, and the atmosphere there is serious but also fun. I am excited for this summer job.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like such a great job, Silver! Have a wonderful time! MJC

starTHINKer said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks! I love that you figured out how to comment :)