Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Year

Today is my one year anniversary of making Fort McMurray my home. On February 15, 2010, I walked off the airplane in the little airport which is much to small for a city like Fort McMurray with two suitcases and what was left over from my Indonesian tan. I was full of ideas and goals for my new life that I had only found out I would be living less than a months ago. I had just completed a life-changing experience with YWAM and had spent a whirlwind week at home briefly catching up with friends and family. But all that was left behind so very fast.
I immediately received the job of Aquatic Supervisor at the YMCA in Thickwood. This job taught me just how much I didn't know about myself. I think my first paycheck was more than I received in my entire working life. Slowly I realized how different Alberta aquatics are from B.C. aquatics - I didn't make that change easily. However, I knew this job was only temporary because I had moved to the frozen North to pursue nursing at the local Keyano College.
The spring and summer months brought with it two Chemistry courses, a beginning attendance at McMurray Gospel Assembly, and ... no that's about it. I had no life in summer of '10. The highlight was having my big, baby brother live here with Dad and me. I'll never forget our drives to work every summer morning blasting Jason Derulo and listening to podcasts from Freshlife Church in Kalispell, Montana. I was sad when he had to leave, but now I know it was for the best.
In fall 2010, my life changed drastically again. I became a student, my best friend Tiffany moved here, and I began making close friends with some of the young women in the church. School was everything and nothing like I expected. However, I can say this, I love being a student. I love learning and growing. I have met some amazing gals who have walked with me this year and I know will walk with me all the way to graduation.
However, the biggest highlight of the fall and winter has been God and the church. McMurray Gospel Assembly has seriously facilitated my personal walk with God, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Not only have I made lifelong friends who want nothing more than to know God and make Him known, but I have grown so much personally. I just can't wait to see what this next year has in store.
In closing, there is one person I owe this entire year too whom I could not have done without - my Dad. Not only has he financially and physically aided me with my schooling, room, and board, but he has been the biggest supporter and encourager. Without him, I could not do this, and I know he will be there when I receive my diploma in just over 3 years. Thank you, Dad.

This year has been incredible. I know I was meant to move here, and I love Fort McMurray and the people I've come to know and love. I'm excited to see what the next year will bring!