Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Sister, My Other Half

She is the most beautiful person I know. Even writing that statement brings tears to my eyes as I recall her beauty. The most attractive things about it is her oblivion to it. She spends her days in sweat pants and runners often wearing the same outfit ensemble for three or four days straight. But she is gorgeous. She thinks she cannot connect with anybody, but really everyone adores her. She is inspiring.
She tries so hard to be kind and compassionate, but truthfully, she doesn't have to try at all. The warmth exudes out of her. I remember a time when she could have had anyone as her friend, but she chose the outcast to spend the evening with even though they had nothing in common. But the best part is that she didn't make that choice for show. She made it because that is who she is.
She isn't near me now. She hasn't been for awhile. Right now, she is following an amazing God in another part of our world. She can follow Him so much better than I ever will. Yet even though I am unexplainable proud of her location decision...

...I wish she was here with me just for tonight....

I miss you, my sister, my other half....



Kris said... [Reply to comment]

This is so touching! And from the bit I know Crystal, so true! Thanks for sharing.