Monday, March 11, 2013

OUAT: The Miller's Daughter

I've been waiting for this Rumplestiltskin-Cora-Regina-theory-episode for awhile now. Turns out I was semi-right, but not quite. Let's discuss "The Miller's Daughter".

  • Best Moment: Bae/Neal & Rumple/Mr. Gold forgiveness. So touching and so moving during this revenge-crazy episode. I am so happy they could move past the things of the past to rekindle their father-son relationship. It was so moving when Neal grabbed Mr. Gold's hand, and they cried together. Not gonna lie, I actually thought they might kill off Robert Carlyle's character. Glad it wasn't so.
  • Worst Moment: Well, our dear snow white queen has gone and done it now. When she whispered "Cora" over that candle, I definitely got chills. Of course, she gets some brownie points returned for her instant regret and attempts to fix it, but she still went through with it. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.
  • FairyTale Moment: So before Once Upon A Time ever came into our lives, the only story I knew about Rumplestiltskin was the fact that he promised to turn straw into gold for this girl if she gave him her firstborn child. She said yes. Then when the girl actually had her firstborn child, she didn't want to give her up. Rumple said that if she could guess his name, she could keep the child. So, yep, that's all I knew about the character Rumplestiltskin. It was nice to see some of the traditional story weaved throughout with Once's twist. 
  • Funny Moment: Cora taking out her frustration on the "enchanted box"/phone tap. 
  • Cool Moment: Henry & Neal sailing the shop {Peter-Pan-theorists-discuss}.
  • Creepy Moment: Anyone else a little weirded out by the Cora-Rumplestiltskin relationship?
  • Interesting Moment: Neal & Emma's little conversation while she was laying out invisible chalk was interesting. Haha, and then David got all protective father on her. 
  • Storyline Moment: Is it true you can't love without a heart??? Or was MM just making that up?? Then what about Graham??? But I guess he was kinda going crazy . . . 
  • Plot Moment: So Cora married a prince, but then Regina still doesn't end up being queen until Cora sets up that meet-cute??? I sense another story/explanation there. However, Regina's Dad, Henry, is still hanging around until Regina killed him {in episode 2 of season 1}. 
  • Cliffhanger: Cora dies {I'm actually kinda glad this character is gone; however it's sad that it is at the expense of Snow}. 
  • Next Episode: Regina vs. Snow. EPIC!

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Ashley said... [Reply to comment]

Lol, loved your review. I had read the previous one about 'Manhattan' and fell in love with your point of view. I was looking forward to read what you had to say now about the miller's daughter ;) So thank you very for your posts!

Creepy Moment: Anyone else a little weirded out by the Cora-Rumplestiltskin relationship?
DEFINITELY. I couldn't get used to Rumple expressing that kind of sexual attraction..

Interesting Moment: Neal & Emma's little conversation. I think Emma's definitely dealing with some denial on her relationship with Neal, her love story never had closure, therefore leaving an open window for a mix of confusing feelings. She might end up falling back in love

Storyline Moment: Is it true you can't love without a heart???
I was very surprised by this too!
That's good to know..