Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Nursing:  You are crazy and intense and challenging and weird. I like it :) Dear Winter Storm: Everyone just stay home. A 60 car pile-up is enough. Dear White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha: You are my new favourite drink. I am now adopting you and calling you mine. Yum. Dear C & C: One year ago I was celebrating your wedding, and now I am celebrating the birth of your beautiful baby girl. Congratulations. Dear Mexican Bulldog {second beverage letter}: I can't actually finish one of you. Such a lightweight. Dear Sister: I love getting up early with you and visiting. Dear Alicia Keys: "This Girl Is On Fire" is my new life theme song. Heck yes!


Happy Friday!

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Shawna said... [Reply to comment]

Girl on Fire is an amazing song.. Alicia Keys has some great pipes thats for sure!!

Victoria said... [Reply to comment]

great letters!

i love a raspberry mocha,so darn tasty!

happy friday!

Janey said... [Reply to comment]

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha sounds amazing! :)