Monday, January 14, 2013

OUAT: The Outsider

A gasp-worthy moment at the end made this episode CAH-RAZY! Let's talk about The Outsider!

  • Best Moment: To be honest, the episode was a slower one, so the best moments were the closing scenes. The mystery car is just full of possibilities {#NeilCassidyorBaelfire}, and I'm glad it kept Rumple from killing Hook, even though he wanted to.
  • Worst Moment: I literally gasped out loud when Hook shot Belle. Then I continued to sit with my mouth hanging open as she lost her memories. Between being locked up, shot, and losing her memories, that girl has the worst timing.
  • Storyline Moments: There were so many interweaving of previous storylines, which I love. {A} Rumpelstiltskin's trip planning. {B} Belle & Dreamy/Grumpy chatting in the pub. {C} Opening of the library. {D} Mulan makes her return. {E} Milah's death. {F} Prince Phillip returns, connects his curse to Maleficent, and meets Mulan.
  • Girl Power Moment: Belle kicks butt. That girl can fight and persuade and detect and plan and just plain old take care of herself :)
  • Character Moment: It was nice to see Geppetto back. Have we seen him since the season premiere when he discovered August W. Booth's hat??? {shameless plug}
  • Bad Boy Moment: Boy was it nice to have Hook back in full swing this episode. Anyone else notice that whenever he captures a woman he plays it off quite flirty and charmy. His scene in the boat with Belle was riveting.
  • FairyTale Moment: I like that Grumpy and David/Charming are plugging to go back. I also understand MM's hesitation, especially in lieu of her recent Fairytale shenanigans. However unfortunately for our favourite princess, the gang has got to try to go back. Storybrooke just isn't their true home.
  • Sad Moment: I just felt back for Rumpel in this episode. For the most part, he made the right decisions {thanks to Belle}. However, it was still a sad day for him. That was an intense fight he and Belle had in his shop.
  • Awkward Moment: Regina didn't kill Archie. Emma and Henry have some groveling to do {speaking of which, the EQ was noticeably MIA this episode but for a quick appearance at the end}. 
  • Cliffhanger: Mystery Car. Pennsylvania license plate: 2KFL 138. Any guesses?
  • Next Episode: True love's kiss and the return of Dr. Frankenstein. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much are we loving the addition of Hook to the cast this season???


Ginny said... [Reply to comment]

Good points, I really think I'm missing something not watching it this year.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

So not Neal. He's in NY, not PA.

Janine said... [Reply to comment]

I don't know what this show is and feel like I am really missing out...

Janine xx