Monday, January 07, 2013

OUAT: The Cricket Game

Everyone ready for the winter stretch of our favourite TV show? Cause it promises to be a gooder. Just for some introduction, I do recaps on Mondays of the latest episode of Once Upon A Time by picking out spotlight moments. Let's discuss last night!

  • Best Moment: I really liked Emma & Regina's conversation outside of Granny's diner. Regina literally tried to change, but she got duped and framed by Cora {once again}. I've said it before, but her love for Henry is the best thing in her. I hope she can get redeemed once Cora is brought into the light.
  • Worst Moment: To be honest, it correlates with the best moment. The framing of Regina was heartbreaking, especially when she was crying in her car as Emma broke the news to Henry. Her Storybrook character is really changing. 
  • Funny Moment: PRINCE CHARMING AND SNOW WHITE GET IT ON AFTER 28 YEARS. Guess that was bound to happen. However, the real kicker was when their daughter and grandson walked in {seriously, Henry hasn't had "the talk" yet????}. Who knows, Emma might get a little baby brother or sister :P Also a spin-off, Charming & Snow Providing Traumatic Memories To Their Adult Child
  • Best Line Moment: Regina to Red, "Go take yourself for a walk". Boom!
  • Stealth Moment: There were a lot of Oceans-11-gameplans going down in this episode. Both of them took down Evil-Queen-Regina. Go Team Snowing {Snow + Charming}!
  • Crossover Moment: Always gotta love a round table scene.
  • Random Moment: Does doctor-patient confidentiality apply in magical, fairytale scenarios? However, Regina did make a point as to the source of Archie's PhD.
  • Cute Moment: Emma relating her adventures in Storybrook to Henry. Seems like such a long time ago.
  • Fun Moment: The "Welcome Back Party"! It was so great to see the gang reunited! Plus, David's speech about "Here's to not having to look for awhile" was touching.
  • Magic Moment: Emma.
  • LOST Moment: Regina, "Don't tell me what I can and cannot do". 
  • Not Enough Moment {new type of moment alert; started due to lack of certain characters}: Always can use more Hook in any given episode. Also shameless plug for August W. Booth!
  • Girl Power Moment: Emma getting all mad and defensive. Henry is her son! Back off Regina! Argggg!
  • Cliffhanger: Cora kidnapped Dr. Hopper. Hook's in charge of extracting his knowledge.
  • Next Episode: Belle is in trouble in both worlds and the mystery of strangers {or maybe just Neil Cassidy #guessing} entering Storybrook.

So which is weirder: seeing fairytale characters that we know and have been around forever in bed together, or knowing Emma walked in on her same-age-parents????


Megan said... [Reply to comment]

I've heard this is a good show. I guess I should check it out!

Ginny said... [Reply to comment]

I watched this last year, but haven't this year. Sound like a good episode.

Ashley @ ThisUnscriptedLife said... [Reply to comment]

I never thought I would feel bad for Regina but in this episode I really did.
I thought it was funny the dog's name was in 101 Dalmatians lol. Maybe they've said his name before but this was the first time I heard it.
It's pretty cool that Emma has magic. I just hope Rumpelstiltskin doesn't try to "train" her like he Regina...There's an opening for Emma to go bad there.

Glad this show is back!

Janine said... [Reply to comment]

I have never ever seen this programme, maybe I should Netflix it and get in on the action?

Janine xx