Monday, December 03, 2012

12/3 & OUAT

I'm doubling up on posts today. First up, number three of Dressember 2012.


This dress is known in my mind as the "Little Indian Girl Dress". I once wore it with my hair in two french braids, and let me tell you, all I needed was feathers and a horse.

Hairclips: Claire's // Dress: Suzy Cher // Tights: Joe Fresh


Haha, the curtsey ones are my favourite to take :P.
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Winter finale, guys! And our household {Brother & I} concurred that it was a great midseason finale.
Here are the points.
  • Best Moment: Do I have to pick just one? I was a fan of both the reunions. Emma and Henry haven't been together since the curse got de-activated, and it was high time they were reunited. Then of course, there was true love's kiss which always pulls out all the stops. So many similarities between the rest of Charming & Snow's other kisses. True love prevails.
  • Worst Moment: Carrying over from last week . . . Hook. He really is the bad boy. From his line to Emma about being "dried up and dead" to his inappropriate sexual comments, he's got rebel written all over him. Then, why do we want to root for him so much??? Still shipping him and Emma . . . {Shameless plug on the Bring-Back-August-W.-Booth-Campaign}
  • Explanation Moment{s}: Now we know {a} who the queen of hearts is, {b} what was going on with Belle between leaving Rumplestiltskin and the curse, {c} how Hook and Cora came to work together, {d} how Hook was able to remove a heart and only one, mind you, and {e} how a part of FairyTale land was shielded from the curse.
  • Let-down Moment: The squid-ink . . . ok then.
  • Sad Moment: Regina. These last two episodes have given us a lot of hope for this character. She was flat-out good in this episode and her being alone at the end was definitely sad.
  • Best Line Moment: "Good always defeats evil" rises again.
  • Wardrobe Moment: Did you catch Regina's crown in the crypt? What about her blue gown? She pulled out all the stops this episode.
  • Funny Moment: Hook to Cora, "Don't lakes generally have water?"
  • Action Moment: I enjoyed the swordfighting and such around the FairyTale Land portal. Hook and Emma are a great duo. Also, he totally had a redeeming moment when he saved Aurora's heart. See I knew he wasn't all bad.
  • Cute Moment: Aurora with her heart back, and then she and Mulan were off to find Prince Philip.
  • Suspicious Moment: Do you believe Mr. Gold when he says he had nothing to do with all of Emma's life events? I don't think I do . . .
  • Magic Moment: Emma's got a magic heart.
  • Cliffhanger: Cora and Hook made it to Storybrooke {via boat??}. In approximately one month, we'll find out how that went down.

Tell me your thoughts on the reunions and our resident bad boy below.
Until next month!


KatySue Pillsbury said... [Reply to comment]

Ahhhh, the exploding toilet was the perfect little red and white stripped tee that I had been looking for for months and the first day I wore it a neighbor boy plugged our potty and just stood there and watched, pale faced, as yellow water poured out over his feet, we knew something was up when we saw water coming out from under the bathroom door..... apparently he'd never seen a toilet over flow before, he never used that bathroom again! That was fun to clean up! =P

I LOVE this dress!! Knowing me, I probably would style this dress with feathers and braids, I'm into theme dressing like that.....;-)

I am being strong and saving your OUaT recap until I've watched the episode, my family is a week behind, besides the fact that now that we are in TN, it's on at 7pm instead of 8pm, stupid central time!

Danielle said... [Reply to comment]

What a great dress! Love the print of it, I would totally rock out the braids with it ;)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said... [Reply to comment]

Very cute dress. Can't believe you got it from Suzy Cher.

All I can say is that hook is hot and has fantastic blue eyes... then again I do like my bad boys : )


Janine said... [Reply to comment]

Such a cute, dress! I am doing Dressember too and wore a similar dress on day 3 :-)