Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28 {Happy Half Birthday}

So, let's talk about my name. Not exactly a chart topper for most common names of 2012. Most people when they meet me offer up some generic joke about siblings named Bronze or throw in a little "Hi ho, Silver" {P.S. Who's excited for the remake of The Lone Ranger?}. Therefore, when I found out there was a character on the great world of television, I was ecstatic. Turns out it was the CW's 90210, boooo {sorry to 90210 shippers}.

However, the point of all this is that the character Silver celebrates her half birthday every year. Kinda cool, eh? Well today is my half birthday! I wrote on Facebook this morning "If Silver from 90210 can celebrate her half birthday, then I think Silvers from all over the world should be able to. Happy Half Birthday To Me!" Believe me, I'm not expecting anything out of this; however, I do think it would be a good day to check in with my 23 Before 24 Bucket List

Touque: Knitted by Yours Truly // Scarf: Gift
Dress: Joe Fresh // Tights: Joe Fresh

  1. Take a dance class 
  2. Go rock climbing {Went with a friend in July; indoor of course; I sucked}
  3. Wear a classy hat 
  4. Drive the ice road to Fort Chip 
  5. Dye my hair red 
  6. Get a piercing 
  7. Eat macaroons 
  8. Use chalkboard paint {Check out the post here}
  9. Learn a new classical piece on the piano 
  10. Send out Christmas cards snail-mail style 
  11. Go snowboarding 
  12. Co-host a radio show 
  13. Go to a dance 
  14. Learn how to change a tire 
  15. Learn how to hang stuff on walls 
  16. Go horseback riding 
  17. Wear dresses whenever I can {Can someone say Dressember}
  18. Go golfing 
  19. Go to the Oil Sands Discovery Centre 
  20. Buy myself fresh flowers whenever I can afford it 
  21.  Watch all 6 seasons of LOST again {I'm on season 5}
  22. Go somewhere outside of Canada 
  23. Be myself 
I can't believe I've only done 5. I've gotta get my butt in gear cause I only have six more months to complete the other 18. Anyways, HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO EVERY SILVER OUT THERE!

Favorite Frock Friday


Janine said... [Reply to comment]

Happy half birthday Silver!! I really like this idea of the half birthday and the list you made. I think you can cross off 23 though? You seem to be really open and yourself on here, or do you mean in every day life too? It can be hard I know.

I might 'borrow' your idea and make myself a list if that is ok with you? I turn 32 in 10 months and think I have a lot of things I need to do before then!

Happy Friday

Janine xx

KatySue Pillsbury said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you had a wonderful half birthday!
I know love finding people/characters with their name spelled like mine!
I love the color combo you've got on, great job on the hat! =)
Drive an ice road? That's pretty neat, and kind of scary.....
Lost is fantastic!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Half birthday! Although when you get older you'll figure that a birthday once a year is still a way too often. I kind of wish mine came every 3 years : )

I love your name.


blesid thrifter said... [Reply to comment]

Happy Half Birthday you beautiful thing! I absolutely loved reading your list. Totally inspired me to write my own today! (Except I've got almost 20 years more experience in life than you... I better get started before I DIE, lol!) I'm loving your outfit... just perfect! xoxo jules *new follower!!!*