Monday, November 05, 2012

OUAT: Tallahassee

So far, my favourite episode of season 2!!!! So much happened, and we learned so much. So many questions answered, but so many more asked. Let's dive in!
  • Best Moment: Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the Captain Hook character. And for thirty-seven minutes, he was the best part of the episode. However, the second that AUGUST W. BOOTH stepped out of the shadows, he won the best-moment-award. Ladies and Gentlemen, our favourite motorcycle-riding-typewriter-carrying-storybook-altering Pinnochio is BACK!
  • Worst Moment: Um, Mulan was going to cut down the beanstalk??? Not cool, girl. What about strapping a chain around it and climbing up??? Come on, be a man! Be as swift as a coursing river! With all the force of a great typhoon! With all the strength of a raging fire! Mysterious as the dark side of the moooooooooon! . . . whups . . . got a little carried away.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Moment {new-moment-type-shout-out}: So who here caught the numerous references to Captain Jack Sparrow??? Flirting Captain Hook. Calls her love. Carries rum around. Chasing after a compass. Obsessed with treasure. 
  • Explanation Moment{s}: We find out {a} how Emma came into possessing the yellow bug, {b} the moments leading up to why Henry was born in prison, and {c} who Henry's father is {hello, Neal Cassidy/mystery man from the cold opening in episode one}. 
  • Romance Moment: I'm digging Hook & Emma. Hooma? Emmook? Eook? Hemma?
  • Sweet Moment: Snow relating to Aurora that Charming would light a candle when she would have the sleeping-curse-side-effects nightmares. How . . . charming :)
  • Character Moment: HELLO HURLEY! I'm sorry, but I couldn't take him seriously as the scary giant. I did buy it, however, when he was all sad and trapped . . . just not angry. Either way, it was great to have our favourite island resident in fairytale world.
  • Girl Power Moment: When Snow charged Mulan. That girl is hardcore!
  • Gasp Moment {I literally gasped out loud, ask brother}: Like I said earlier, AUGUST FREAKING W. BOOTH! The only part that confuses me was the part in season one where he said he wasn't "taking his job seriously" or "watching over her" until she returned to Storybrook at 8:15. However, now we find out he was coordinating her life path before Henry was born???? I'm gonna have to re-watch that episode from season one. Either way, who cares!?!?! He was back.
  • Intriguing Moment: What was in the box that made Neal believe so easily?
  • Cool Moment: August sent Neal the postcard.
  • Cliffhanger: This was a good one! Earlier in the episode, Aurora had a nightmare filled with a red room, blood red curtains, no windows or doors, a fire, curling up in a corner, and someone there. At the end of the episode, Henry has the exact same dream {and we find out that someone is a she}. Now my guess is foreshadowing??? My bets are on Cora??? And my fear is that it is all going to end very, very badly. 
  • Next Episode: Little Red Riding Hood/The Big Bad Wolf in Storybrook, Charles Widmore, and mother dearest.

Weigh in on "Tallahassee" below. There is SO MUCH to discuss!