Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seven Questions Book Review: "The Casual Vacancy"

This book was a surprise and not in a good way. I remember a few months ago when the announcement was released that J. K. Rowling was writing another book, this time geared towards adults. However, my excitement couldn't have been more misplaced. Here are some thoughts.

If you could have dinner with one character from the book who would it be?
Krystal Weedon, hands down. Her character, although with many faults, was the only one I was drawn to. Particularly because she was such a mess and just in need of someone to love her and believe in her.

If you could say something to a character in the book what would it be?
I would say something to everyone, because they all needed someone to tell it like it is. However, I was really frustrated with Dr. Parminder and her treatment of her daughter. So I'd probably start with her.

How would you rewrite the ending?
I would rewrite it so that all the villagers would see their faults and begin to take the necessary steps to fix and improve themselves. The book just kind of . . . ended.

Favourite part?
The beginning . . . because I didn't know what I was getting into.

Worst part?
Everything after the beginning. Now, I know I could have just stopped reading, but I honestly thought that it had to get better at some point.

What is something new you learned from the book?
Never judge an author due to their previous work????

How you rate/recommend this book?
I would rate it a 1/5. I know that sounds harsh, but if you noticed any redeeming qualities that I missed, I would be glad to hear about them.

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