Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seven Questions Book Review: "Blue Like Jazz"

This was an intensely good book that really challenged my views of life and love. It is somewhat of an amusing story of how I got this book too. I won it through a local radio station by remembering the year that Niagara Falls froze over. However, texting it to my radio host friend wasn't good enough. No, he actually made me phone in. At 7:30 in the morning. Yep. 
Anyways, long story short, I got this book out of it, and here are some thoughts.

If you could have dinner with one character from the book who would it be?
Well, this is somewhat of a trick question considering the book is entirely about Don, written by Don, and tells the story of Don, so I guess . . . Don??? Or Penny.

If you could say something to a character in the book what would it be?
In Chapter 15 Community: Living with Freaks, I would have liked to have had a conversation about how valuable friendships and community are with Don, but he kinda figured that out anyways.

How would you rewrite the ending?
Since this wasn't fictional, I wouldn't. However, it would be interesting to see where his life has lead him since then. I would like to read some of his other books.

Favourite part?
Page 226, " . . . heaven can be other people too, and . . . we have the power to bring a little of heaven into the lives of others every day."

Worst part?
I don't think there was a worst part.

What is something new you learned from the book?
Too much to sum up in a blog post. I learned that we love so conditionally in this world, and Jesus is all about un-conditional love. I learned about money and time management and priorities. I learned about sharing/living my faith.

How you rate/recommend this book?
Yes, I would rate it 5/5, or maybe 4.9/5 because I feel like no one ever rates perfectly . . . . Anyways, just go read it.

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Erin said... [Reply to comment]

i love how you won it - way to go girl! :)
i've heard of this title and never looked into it... sounds like an amazing book with a beautiful message.