Monday, July 09, 2012

No. 333 - Four Things Spiderman

So, if you haven't seen the newest {and bestest} Spiderman yet, no apologies for the spoilers. It's been out for over a week, and it's amazing. Go see it! Here are four things that make it awesome.
  1.  Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone {technically that's two, but together, they are awesome}
  2. It is a lot more believable than the first three.
  3. I felt like the first three were always SO slow moving. This one sucked you in from the get go.
  4. Some of the storylines were the same, but they redid them so much better and added new parts and scenarios.
I didn't give away too much, just go see it!


Cara said... [Reply to comment]

Hmm maybe I will have to see this, I was going to skip it as I've seen the others but the Andrew/Emma roles had me intrigued. Thanks for the review!