Sunday, July 01, 2012

No. 325 - 5 Things Canada

Here are five reasons why I am thankful for Canada.
  1. Um, it's absolutely beautiful, and there is scenery for everybody. Mountains. Flatland. Rain. Snow. Shine. Lakes. Rivers. I love my country.
  2. Free health care. I know, I know. With free health care, quality goes down and waiting time goes up. However, my personal opinion is that I would choose free health care over alternatives any day.
  3. We are known for our multiculturalism. In fact, I would risk to say that that is one of the foundational ideologies of Canada.
  4.  We have awesome affiliations. Shout out to England & Australia!
  5. We are such a prosperous and rich country. How blessed am I to have grown up and spent the majority of my life in such an environment.
Now get out there, enjoy the festivities, and Happy Canada Day!