Thursday, June 28, 2012

No. 322 - 23 Before 24

So, happy birthday to me. I am twenty-three years old today, which is weird because I feel as if I haven't got the chance to be twenty-two. However, I have a solution to this, and it's the "23 Before 24" challenge. Basically, it's a mini-bucket list of 23 things to complete before I turn 24. Ready? Here they are.
  1. Take a dance class {I don't care what type of dance, but just some type of dance}.
  2. Go rock climbing {Probably indoor, I don't know of any outdoor opportunities around here}.
  3. Wear a classy hat {Think Prince William & Kate's wedding}.
  4. Drive the ice road to Fort Chip {Because it's something you should experience in Fort Mac}.
  5. Dye my hair red {Long time coming}.
  6. Get a piercing {Sorry, no more details}.
  7. Eat macaroons {I just need to do it . . . somehow}.
  8. Use chalkboard paint {Preferably to make a chalkboard}.
  9. Learn a new classical piece on the piano {I have a whole book of Beethoven that I never play}.
  10. Send out Christmas cards snail-mail style {Because I love the tradition}.
  11. Go snowboarding {I need to get over the "you can only snowboard in BC" attitude}.
  12. Co-host a radio show {I have friends in radio . . . you know who you are}.
  13. Go to a dance {I don't know where or how, but something other than a wedding or club}.
  14. Learn how to change a tire {I just want to be that girl}.
  15. Learn how to hang stuff on walls {I seriously have an issue with getting things straight}.
  16. Go horseback riding {Because it's been awhile}. 
  17. Wear dresses whenever I can {Some girls are addicted to shoes or bags, mine is dresses}.
  18. Go golfing {I feel like it's a sport I need to learn}.
  19. Go to the Oil Sands Discovery Centre {Just cause it's there}.
  20. Buy myself fresh flowers whenever I can afford it {Or whenever people buy them for me}.
  21.  Watch all 6 seasons of LOST again {Long overdue, but a year should be a good enough timeline}.
  22. Go somewhere outside of Canada {I don't care where}.
  23. Be myself {Cheesy, I know, but it's easier said than done}.

 You can be sure all 23 of these things will be photographed and documented!
Happy Birthday :)


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said... [Reply to comment]

aw great list! i love bucket lists like this :)i especially love co-host a radio show!

lucia m said... [Reply to comment]

great idea!


Bella said... [Reply to comment]

This is fantastic! I can't wait to see how they all turn out! And happy birthday! Apparently I am going to be wishing you a happy birthday all over the place! :p

JM said... [Reply to comment]

Haha this makes me laugh, I hope you're able to complete this list! Why do I feel I have more power than I should in allowing you to complete this! :p

Silver said... [Reply to comment]


Well, because you do. You have the power to say whether I complete only 22 or the entire 23. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. And YOLO. And it's a bucket list! And . . . and . . . :P

Way Way Up said... [Reply to comment]

Lists are awesome and inspirational too. I think I've done most of the things on that list other than perhaps co-hosting a radio (I'm too introverted) and wearing a dress (which would just be plain scary.)