Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No. 321 - Kate McKate

Disclaimer: This is one of the more difficult posts to write. Please bear with me.

I thought a long time about how I wanted to word this post. Even now as I sit down to actually write it, I am holding back tears {sorry to be melodramatic}. I could list 24 things I love about her. Or I could do a recap of all the adventures we've had. But even if I did a five-part-series on my friend Kate, it would not do her justice. Because you can't just read about Kate . . . you have to experience Kate.

But I'll do my best.

She will find your true self and will only settle for being friends with that side of you, none of this shallow, small-talk stuff. Kate wants to know who you are.

She will instantly go to prayer when you share a problem or concern with her, and it's not a "let's pray because I have no advice for this situation" prayer. It is a "let's deal with this the right way" prayer. You notice God in the room when she prays.

She will embrace you no matter what your age, race, gender, occupation, experience, reputation, background. She will do her best to reach out and make that connection.

She will go crazy with you in every way possible.

Now, Kate has gone on to a new chapter of life, one which I am SO proud of her for doing. And yet even before this new chapter, she is living life to the fullest this summer doing some traveling {YOLO anyone?}. As much as her leaving will leave its effect on many of us northern crew, her going forward will produce even more effects.

She IS going to change the world, and I am just so honoured I got to see it for a little while.

I love you, Kate.


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It's all true. Plus I have really great hair.

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