Monday, April 30, 2012

No. 263 - Lifeguarding 101 & OUAT

Alright, so as I wrote last week, I am back on the pool-front scene as a Lifeguard/Instructor at MacIsland. However, the general population's view of a lifeguard is somewhat misconstrued (thanks, Hollywood & Baywatch). So, I'm here to give you a crash course on what it means to be a lifeguard in a community pool.

  • Training: There are a minimal of 4 certificates you must get in order to be viewed as a lifeguard. These come from the Lifesaving Society, and each province has its own branch. The four courses are as follows: (1) Bronze Medallion - you can get this when you are 13, and you learn tows, carries, defence and release methods, stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim and CPR A; (2) Bronze Cross - you can get this when you are 14, and this is more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities; (3) CPR-C - this is your first aid course and can be combined with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) component; (4) National Lifeguard Service (NLS) - you can get this when you are 16, and this is the final course that says you are in fact a certified lifeguard. It is a two week course filled with first aid, simulations, fitness, and principles. Then every two years, you must re-certify your NLS in order to continue lifeguarding. 
  • There is also separate training that will certify you to teach swimming lessons. The Canadian Red Cross offers these courses and there are two requirements: Assistant Water Safety Instructor and Water Safety Instructor (WSI). Like NLS, WSI has to be re-certified every two years.
  • Now, after you spent all that money and all that training, as a lifeguard, you actually spend very little time in the pool (unless you are teaching swimming lessons or aquafit). The majority of your job is spent scanning and reminding patrons of the rules, or in other words, prevention. In my 7 years of lifeguarding, I have had to "jump in" twice. 
Now for some fun facts:
  • We don't use pen tips during CPR (thanks, Boone, from LOST). 
  • We don't sit in our chair and yell at kids (well, hopefully we don't). For the majority of the time, we are actually standing or roaming.
  • We don't run in slow motion.
Haha, anyways, just some information. As for my first week, it went really great.
It is going to be a good summer!

Awesome episode of Once Upon A Time last night, because we finally found out who August W. Booth is!
I can't believe we only have two episodes left. Here are my thoughts on "The Stranger".
  • Best Moment: Not only finding out that August W. Booth was indeed Pinocchio (way better than Rumplestiltskin's son), but also finding out that he went through the wardrobe (Narnia reference) with Emma and was supposed to lead and help her.
  • Lovely Moment: When August W. Booth went to his father's wood-shop at the end and asked to be an assistant. Kind of a tearful moment.
  • Worst Moment: Regina seducing David? What the? Good on David for saying no.
  • Worst Pick-Up Line: "If I told you [where we were going], you would never come." Seriously, guys, this doesn't work.
  • Worst CG: Fake whale.
  • Crossover Moment: I loved all the flashbacks to the pilot, and the way they incorporated the storyline there. 
  • Riveting Moment: When August W. Booth took Emma to the tree. Their banter was incredible. I wanted Emma to believe, but it would have been to easy if she did. "Then you're all screwed." - Yikes.
  • LOST Moment: Apparently the plane that flew over Pinocchio's head when he exited the tree was Oceanic Flight 815.
  • Cliffhanger: Emma is leaving Storybook with Henry?
  • Next Episode: Snow White eats the apple.