Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No. 229 - CGFP (Wedding Attire) & OUAT

Time for another edition of College Girl's Fashion Project. This one is an 
alteration of a dress into a skirt I wore to Eric & Liz's wedding.

Here is the dress before alterations.

I took off a layer and the straps.

Finished product.
Blouse: Rikki's
Dress: I forget
Tights: Bargain Shop
Shoes: I forget

Normally, when Once Upon A Time brings in guest stars, I get worried that it's just a filler episode.
I was wrong. "Hat Trick" was an amazing episode, and it moved the overarching storyline along.

  • Best Moment: I loved all of Jefferson's convincing speeches to Emma. "All worlds have magic. Some need it more." "Wake up, Emma." "There are several worlds all connected." All of his reasonings were compelling without sounding cheesy.
  • Disappointing Moment: I wish Emma wouldn't have faked believing Jefferson to the extreme she did. I know her subconscious probably believes more than she is letting on, but I was somewhat disappointed when she knocked him out with the telescope.
  • Evil Moment: Regina. Yep, that's it.
  • Creepy Moment: The whole episode was creepy, but an intriguing type of creepy. I liked it.
  • Betrayal Moment: Just when you think you've figured out Mr. Gold, he double (or triple) crosses you yet again . . .
  • Fairytale Moment(s): This episode was full of historical stuff - tea parties, rabbits, turtles, old witches, Wonderland, Queen of Hearts, etc.
  • Girl Power Moment: Emma & MM were kind of kick-butt in this episode.
  • Suspicious Moment: What was that vault Regina got her dad out of? It looked surprisingly similar to the vault she retrieved Graham's heart from (RIP).
  • Promising Moment: Emma asked to keep Henry's book. Points for Henry!
  • Next Episode: We finally figure out what Snow did to the Queen!


Bella said... [Reply to comment]

I love your outfit so much!! Such a beautiful skirt. Flowers. <3 lovelovelovelove.

Silver said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, Bella!