Monday, March 19, 2012

No. 221 - Let's Keep Him & OUAT

"Let's keep him."

That's what I said when Brother volunteered to go get me Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream last night at 7:00pm as I am sprawled out on the couch writing up my Political Science Midterm notecards. I kind of like having him around, so we decided we're keeping him.

Here are some thoughts on last night's OUAT episode "Heart of Darkness" 
(every time I hear that title I think of Marlow and the Congo).

  • Most Hardcore Moment: Red's voluntary transformation into a werewolf in order to give James the head start. I like those two as a duo.
  • Scary Moment: Crazy, bitter, revengeful Snow. She pulled it off well, but it was still scary.
  • Frustrating Moment: The whole framing MM and Emma finding all the well-placed evidence. It's too easy to be true. 
  • Best Moment: August W. Booth and Henry in Granny's coffee shop. It made me so happy to hear August W. Booth admit that he believes in the storybook and that the answers were in the book. Point for Henry!
  • Creepy Moment: Regina peeling that apple. Seriously who does it like that?
  • Stupid Moment: David (he gets that a lot). Regina practically told him she was the evil behind all of this, and he walked away.
  • Best Line Moment: Rumplestiltskin, "I'm invested in your future."
  • Random Moment: Hey, Mr. Hopper!
  • Suspicious Moment: Everything to do with the true love potion to the fact that the "arrow always finds it's target". Did Rumple want Snow and James back together in order to make the potion? So many questions . . .
  • Callback Moment: "I will always find you."
  • Next Episode: Mad Hatter & a kidnapped Emma!