Sunday, March 18, 2012

No. 220 - Health & Beauty, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I did a blog entry about self-esteem and beauty entitled "A More Beautiful You". I felt as if it was a good beginning point on the journey to find health and beauty . . . or to rephrase . . . to live health and beauty. Today, I want to talk about the practicality of the matter. 

  1. Recently, a friend gave me a list of verses that say who we are in Christ. One of them is Ephesians 2:10a which says: "I am God's workmanship." Workmanship means handiwork or artwork.  I think it is important that no matter where you are starting on the journey of living in health and beauty, it is important to start with this attitude.
  2. The second attitude, and I have said this many times before, is health is a lifestyle. I am a firm non-believer in dieting. Last year, I gave up sweets for 6 months, and I remember how incorporated into my lifestyle it become. In those moments, I wasn't dieting. I was living healthily (made-up word). 
  3. The third step is knowing how much health is integrated into all aspects of life. Physical: You can't have health without BOTH activity and eating choices. Emotional: If you are not being poured into AND pouring out, chances are your emotions are unhealthy. Spiritual: I have definitely touched on this one too, but the source of all health is our Creator. I am coming at this from a nursing perspective in which we care for people holistically.
  4. The final thing is that sometimes you just have to do it. Sometimes you just have to cut out a certain part of your life cold turkey (whether it's a food or a negative influence). Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet (awful phrase) and go for a run. Sometimes (not always or often), you just have to have an extreme action in order to kick-off the reaction. However, extremes have potential to be dangerous so prayerfully consider the step before taking it.
Alright, I am coming down off my soapbox now. I felt it was important to touch on this part of life again, because I feel as if it has been surfacing more and more. In my life, I know that this is something that has come under attack lately, and so I imagine, there are others as well. Health is attainable.
And beauty . . . well, beauty is everywhere and in everyone!


On a fun note, I caught the bouquet in the 
impromptu bouquet toss at the wedding last night. Haha.