Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No. 201 - You Know You're A Blogger If . . .

I found these on a blog I follow and thought I'd share them.
  • You keep a list of post ideas in a journal or phone.
  • You start a sentence with, "I was on a blog yesterday and saw the cutest               ."
  • Your day suddenly goes south if dashboard isn't working.
  • Everyone in your social circle (family & friends) knows that if your camera is out . . . the photos will end up on your blog.
  • That same social circle will do everything within their power to dodge the camera - this is actually not applicable to me at all. Thanks, friends and family, for being so photogenic & photo-willing!
  • You love breaks and holidays because it means more time for crafts and DIY.
  • You use the phrase, "I'm totally blogging about that."
  • Since you've started blogging, you've invested in a better camera (or just wished for one).
  • You have tried to explain blogging to someone who doesn't blog and given up because they don't understand.
  • Finding a spelling error in a past post is disheartening.
  • You do a project and forget to take pictures then say "Man, that SO could have gone on the blog!"
  • You're on blogger websites way more than Facebook, Twitter, or Hotmail.
  • You get startled when people say to you, "Ya, I saw that on your blog . . ." (Still gets me every time).
  • And finally, . . . you love blogging even if no one reads your blog because it is a form of therapy/coping/creativity/expressiveness/journaling. 

As for my picture of the day, I have another one of the brother. It's kind of like when a family has a baby and posts a kazillion photos on Facebook, well, I'm "brother-happy".