Friday, February 24, 2012

No. 197 - Memory Lane

Alright, so I promised a walk-down-memory lane blog post due to all the pictures I found while cleaning out are old house, and here they are! Narrowing them down was difficult, but I managed to get it to nineteen, so bear with me :)

Introducing, ME! I haven't changed much.

Dad and I were always the best of buds, although I don't 
think I would ever be caught dead in a fluffy, pink snowsuit again.

Crystal and I. We would have been probably about 4 & 2.

Here are the three of us . . . rocking the denim. Probably 6, 4, & 2.

Christmas play. I would guess 8, 6, & 4.

The three of us with our oldest childhood friends, Kasdan & Fiona.

Christmas time!

This was right before I went to Mexico. I was 15, 
so Crystal would have been 13 and Isaac 11.

I think I would have been 15 here. Look at my HAIR!

Yes, I had a horse. I think every girl goes through a horse phase.

This is me at my 16th birthday party. 
Awesome thing is that I totally rocked that dress last year!

Still my sweet sixteen!

I was Mary in a Christmas play. This baby was so cute.

Isaac & I at our Youth Group Christmas Banquet.

Again, Crystal & Isaac with Kasdan & Fiona at the youth Christmas banquet.

We were the ninjas. Don't ask.

Prom 2007! 
And the theme park, Silverwood!

These are my girlfriends from my teenage years!

 There you have it!