Monday, January 30, 2012

No. 172 - Nursing in an Ethical Dilemma & OUAT

I just thought everyone should see the finished product of why I have been a hermit for
the last month. Today I am turning in my scholarly paper! 9 pages! 25 references!
16 journal articles! Two copies! Yay, finished! It is always a scary thing to hand
in a paper, considering there is probably something I could still tweak,
but I've put it in the envelope and am ready to drop it off.

This was definitely the most difficult paper to write so far (I guess that's the point, things get harder as you get farther along in school). I think the biggest thing I learned though was that nursing care is not as black-and-white as I thought, especially when you throw in components such as dying or culture. Anyways, I'm crossing my fingers for an A 
(especially in regards to my inconsistent quiz marks). 

As some of you know, I am slightly obsessed with the new show "Once Upon A Time". To explain it would make me sound ridiculous, but I haven't been this invested in TV since LOST. Anyways, here are a couple thoughts on last night's episode "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree".
  • I love that the Magic Mirror used to be the genie from Aladdin. Great plot point!
  • When David and Mary Margaret met at the T(r)oll Bridge, I felt, at first, like I should feel guilty supporting their romance because he's married. But then I was like, they were married first as Snow and James and then, they got screwed over! Guilt went away.
  • I started the episode feeling sorry for Regina, but by the end I was back to refraining from calling her bad words.
  • I hate snakes, especially two-headed ones that slither under your bedcovers and bite you on the neck.
  • Graham's walkie-talkies!
  • What is up with the mystery guy?
  • Next episode: Claire from LOST as Belle!!!!!!!!!!!!!