Thursday, August 04, 2011


The other night, I began cleaning out my room in preparation for the fall (fall cleaning). As the mess grew, I found myself stuffing a large garbage bag full of stuff that I had been keeping around my room for the last year. My dad walked in to my remark, "Why do I insist on keeping every scrap of paper that ever comes into my possession?" 

That night as I was getting ready for bed (room still a mess), the application to my spiritual life hit me. I feel as if I've been holding onto some things, and God is ready with a huge garbage bag to start getting rid of non-important stuff I hold onto. I feel like sometimes I have to dig deep into the corners of my closet to find the garbage that needs to go. I feel like the cleaning is a process that will take awhile. But I definitely feel it has started.

Here is it's current state...