Friday, May 20, 2011

Playing Chicken With Traffic - Journal Excerpt (March 22, 2009)

Now, I realize that only a small minority will remember/get this story, but while reading through old journals, this entry really made me laugh. So here it is word-for-word.

"...a funny thing happened on Friday night. Chris and I were walking home and Chris was playing chicken with vehicles. So we are walking along Ash Street and a vehicle is coming...but turns off. Then another vehicle comes along and Chris continues to walk towards it and the vehicle pulls to within an inch of Chris's legs. Fortunately for us, it was Michael. So we continue along and Chris loses one but it was a tractor going the same way as us. But then we were walking by the police station and a car was coming towards us so I push Chris out ... but then, the car began veering and accelerating towards us. So I grabbed Chris and we both jumped into the bushes. But it ended up being Tiffany. So it resulted in being quite hilarious."

Good memory :P