Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Save A Life

So some of you have probably come to notice than when I find something I like/enjoy, I go through a mild obsession phase (please take note of the words “mild” and “phase”) revolving around this something. My latest something happens to be a film entitled “To Save A Life”. I’ve posted the preview on several walls on Facebook and mentioned it to several friends.

So let me blog about it…
To Save A Live is about teenagers but more specifically, Jake Taylor, captain of the high school basketball team, conditional acceptance into the basketball program of the university of his dreams, boyfriend to the school hottie, and all around popular fellow. The film follow him through his senior year (with frequent flashbacks) where he comes into contact with his old childfriend Roger, and the series of events with him that gets Jake taking a second look at what his life is about. Through a random (not to mention comical) series of events, Jake ends up in a Sunday morning youth group service. Chris, the youth pastor, plays a big role in affecting Jake’s life and thoughts. “I don’t want to settle,” Jake admits about his life. “Is it (faith in God) worth it?” he questions. And so we follow him as he finds out if faith is indeed worth it.
But not only does it bring up God and “religion”, but it also suicide, sex, teen pregnancy, divorce, drugs, cutting, and hypocrisy. Normally, I wouldn’t call those the good points in entertainment, but these issues are what make the storyline real. But they don’t expose these issues just for the sake of exposing issues that are in everyday lives, they expose them to show the reaction of the characters in the film towards those issues and ultimately towards God.
I’ve included the link below to the movie’s website where you can watch the preview for yourself. Do what you want with this information, but here’s what I want to do with the information. I want to show this movie to everyone. But then, I want to take the messages the film addresses, and I want to apply them to my daily life, to my work life, to my soon-to-be college life, to my family life, etc.
Basically, I want to learn the true meaning of how to save a life.