Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Same Girl

She is fully occupied in living. Like a train schedule, she walks by at the same time every morning. Always, always, she has on her black knee high boots which are only a little scuffed up from the wear and tear of the dirty oil-town, but no matter, her head is always held high. In her arms are the numerous assignments she must distribute complete with post-it notes and highlighted items.
She is happy. As she springs by...not lightly, mind know she has had her one cup of coffee complete with several verses from her Bible. With eight hours of sleep behind her, she is ready to face the day. You return to your book. Three hours later, the on-time train rolls in again. Still the same boots and the same smile, this time she is returning with friends whom she leaves at the door. You watch through the window as she sits at the table with her books piled high. Occasionally she stirs to answer the phone, finish the laundry, and begin the evening dinner.
She is fully occupied with living.

She is fully occupied with herself. Like an airport, I never know what to expect while I sit at my window waiting for her to walk by. Sometimes she is dressed all prim, like she has to prove something, while other times, it's as if there is no effort put into her outfit. In her arms are the necessary items, but you know she'll be running back in a few minutes to pick up what she has forgotten already. As she storms by, you know she is tired. There are circles under her eyes from...too much sleep or too little? You can't tell. She isn't ready to face the day. A little while later, you see her slowly pass by on her way back, her head down. She is all alone which is exactly what she wants but hates it all along. She gazes helplessly around at the entrance before beginning the long climb up the stairs. You watch at the window as she crawls into her bed after pushing the numerous stacks of paper off of it. She reaches for her laptop but nothing ever happens on the screen. Occasionally she stirs to eat or drink something. She is fully occupied with herself.

This is the same girl. I wonder who she will be as she passes by my window today?



Kris said... [Reply to comment]

Very good. I'm not sure what to draw from it, as it's self-contradictory... But I very much enjoyed it!

starTHINKer said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, Kris!