Monday, March 04, 2013

OUAT: The Queen Is Dead

After an Oscar worthy break {check out my favourite moments here}, our favourite show is back with a tug-at-your-heart-albeit-slower episode. Let's discuss "The Queen Is Dead".

  • Best Moment: I really like Bailee Madison {Young Snow White}. She has an uncanny resemblance to Ginnifer Goodwin, and she's a really good cryer {I know, weird, but go with me on that}. She definitely carried the episode. 
  • Worst Moment: I am kinda sorta most definitely over Cora. Just leave already. Or use the dagger. Or really anything. I feel like all she does is talk about her evil plan to kill Rumplestiltskin, but then just ends up killing everybody else instead. I was so over their "multiple dagger explanations". I'm content with Regina being the big bad once again. Go away, Cora. 
  • Character Moment: Oh, hello, Mrs. Patmore
  • Funny Moment: Henry & Neal carried the humour this week. Neal got my vote when he joked that the greatest pizza was ". . . something, something, something, fields of Zorn" {AKA FairyTale World}, and Henry got my vote when he said to Mr. Gold "Should I call you Grandpa now?"
  • Suspicious Moment: Totally called the blue fairy impersonation :) 
  • Awesome Moment: Neal can sail a ship. And he spent time in Neverland. And he knows Hook. This character just keeps getting better and better.
  • Scary Moment: When Mr. Gold got all threatening in Henry's face. Seriously, neither Neal nor Emma heard that??? And Henry just kept quiet about that?? Okay, then.
  • Evil Moment: So is Regina back to her evil ways? Or did the big reveal about Cora orchestrating every event from the stable boy to Snow's runaway horse tug her back to the right side? It'll be interesting to see, because Regina is the wild card. 
  • Random Moment: Hook is locked in a storage unit somewhere in New York. For all his bad boy-ness, he sure pays for it. 
  • Complicated Moment: Neal has a fiance. Hello, Tamara. 
  • Cliffhanger: Snow is going to kill Cora {raise your hand if you actually think our white queen will go there}.
  • Next Episode: Somebody dies, and we find out if my Rumplestiltskin-Cora-Regina predictions are true. 

Happy Monday!


Megan Colwell said... [Reply to comment]

Precious! And very informative.
The Nautical Owl

Amy said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pictures, I love a good classic!

Thanks for entering the Link Up last week, hope to see you back again this week!

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