Monday, November 12, 2012

OUAT: Child of the Moon

*Insert wolf howl here*. And we're off with yet another kick-butt Little Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf episode that included a surprising twist. Here are my thoughts.
  • Best Moment: When David & Ruby had the moment in Storybrook where he helped her control herself in wolf-form when the mob was chasing after her. I've said it before, but those two have such an awesome duo dynamic that kind of reminds me of a brother and sister thing. It was nice to see him believe in her, and then later on, she believes in him. 
  • Worst Moment: Thumbs down on Red's mom. We don't like you. What is it with these characters???? None of them have good parents {with the exception of the Charming-Snow-Emma-Henry bloodline}.
  • Promising Moment: Fairy dust!!!!!!! Celebrate!!!!! 
  • Sweet Moment: Hello Gus the mouse. That was a cute crossover.
  • Evil Moment: Charles Widmore/Albert Spencer/King George. He's just rotten to the core. Who does he think he is showing up and threatening our resident sheriff/prince? And calling Ruby a she-wolf. She has a name {actually two, depending on which world you are going with}. And then Jefferson's hat {more on that later}.
  • Disney Moment: Did anyone else feel like breaking into the "Kill the Beast" song from Beauty & The Beast when the mob assembled with torches to take down Red? Anyone? No? No? Just me then.
  • Girl Power Moment: All the girl friendships in this show are awesome. Maybe it's the whole Disney princess thing. Red & Snow forever. Belle & Ruby forever. 
  • Character Moment: Hello Quinn. Thank you for your contribution as to how to be a child of the moon. Goodbye, Quinn. His little chase and tumble with Red though was cute . . . I'll give him that.
  • Funny Moment: Granny regarding wolf hearing, "It's not all it's cracked up to be, especially when you run a hotel."
  • Cool Moment: The similarities between storylines. Snow helped Red in FairyTale World, whereas David helped Ruby in Storybrook. I felt like it helped connect our favourite royal couple in a way.
  • Sad Moment: The scene by the river when Charles Widmore {sorry, that name prevails over Albert Spencer or King George} burns Jefferson's hat. I felt so sorry for David, and he was so mad/defeated. I'm glad he punched C.W., but I'm also glad that Ruby stopped him from doing anything more. 
  • Touching Moment: The scenes between Henry and David have really grown on me this season. They have such awesome interactions, and Henry really needed a man in his life. On that note . . .
  • Cliffhanger: . . . the whole dream sequence between Henry and Aurora, the burn on his hand, the control potion from Mr. Gold . . . what is going on!?!?! It's so intriguing and leaves me wanting to know more. What a nightmare though!
  • Next Episode: More nightmare stuff and communicating between worlds and Cora. Boo for being two weeks from now. 

There are so many new faces for season 2. Who is your favourite so far???
See you in two weeks!


Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

What a fun show review style post! I've been very curious about this show...but we don't have cable :-(. - Sure enjoyed my visit here at your blog today (loved that coffee tin DIY upcycle!)! Hope your Tuesday has been a good one...