Monday, October 08, 2012

We Are Both

Yay, Season 2 of Once Upon A Time continued with its thrilling and twisting stories, and "We Are Both" was no exception. Here are some thoughts :)
  • Best Moment: I really enjoyed David's speech {or should we just call him Gramps?} to all of Storybrook at the borderline. Seeing David fully embrace his Prince-Charming-self makes up for all the bad decisions he made as David in Season 1.
  • Worst Moment: Regina turning from a sweet, innocent girl to the evil queen. It was sad to watch, and it made me dislike her mom even more. 
  • Confusing Moment: All of Rumplestiltskin's ramblings on of knowing Regina when she was a baby and all that confused me. Where is that storyline going?
  • Creepy Moment: Dr. Whale's comment about the nuns. WHO IS HE???
  • Best Line Moment: David to Red: "I did the fighting. Snow did the talking". Awww, I missed Snow & Charming together this episode.
  • Character Moment: AUGUST W. BOOTH is ALIVE! At least, his Pinocchio side is. So happy :)
  • Frustrating Moment: Alright, this somewhat confused me. Why didn't Mulan and Aurora recognize Snow as their long lost queen?? Why didn't Snow say something? I'm so confused by this little village in the corner of Fairytale Land {or is it The Enchanted Forest}?
  • Random Moment: Hello Jefferson, you're still a bit mad.
  • Girl Power Moment: Red organizing the first aid shelter.
  • Sad Moment: Sneezy losing all of his memories. Although the result was the dwarves all making it their mission to mine for fairy dust. 
  • Cliffhanger: Cora is alive, and now a prisoner with Snow & Emma.
  • Next Episode: David teaches Henry how to sword fight, Sir Lancelot, and ogres. 
 What was your stand-out moment from "We are Both"?