Monday, October 29, 2012

OUAT: The Doctor

Once upon a time, there was a world where every possible mythical character could live. I have always said that this show challenges the boundaries of fairytales as we know them, and this episode proved my theory once again. Let's discuss "The Doctor".
  • Best Moment: To be honest, I really liked Regina in this episode. My heart broke a little for her when she was fighting with David in order to be able to see Daniel. And then when Daniel and she had their short reunion, it was bittersweet. Also the fact that she was trying not to use magic in order to be with Henry. Yes, she's the villain. But she also has a heart {pun intended}.
  • Worst Moment: Rumple twisting with Regina's mind in order to turn her completely evil. Grrr, sometimes that guy is just mean and manipulative.
  • Hero Moment: These are becoming a weekly shout-out, but come on, David punching Dr. Whale??? Who didn't give out a little cheer when that happened!!?!?!
  • Sweet Moment: As mentioned before, I loved all the interactions this week between Archie and Regina.
  • Funny Moment/Best Line Moment: Henry to horse: "So is there anything you want to tell me?"
  • Plot Moment: Jefferson bringing Rumple the Wicked Witch of the West's crystal ball. Curious much?
  • Confusing Moment: So if Dr. Whale/Dr. Frankenstein is not from Storybrook or Past Fairtytale World or Present Fairytale World or Neverland or Wonderland, then what world is he from? Any "crazy scientist" fans out there wanna spread some light on where his hometower resides?
  • Interesting Moment: Science vs. Magic. The debate begins now.
  • Character Moment: More of Regina becoming just like Cora, right down to her vault full of hearts.
  • Meh Moment: I felt like the storyline in Present Fairytale World was just to hurry the plot along and get Hook working with the Girl Crew {Emma/Snow/Aurora/Mulan}. 
  • Suspicious Moment: However, I was glad that Emma's super-power-I-can-tell-if-you're-lying is back. I felt like we lost it for a couple of episodes. Also, anyone else seeing some sparks between the Captain and Emma????
  • Cliffhanger: Frankenstein is indeed Dr. Whale's resurrected brother.
  • Next Episode: We meet Henry's father and HURLEY AS THE GIANT!

So on that note, which Once Upon A Time character are you going as for Halloween?