Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Little Letters

Fort McMurray is the prettiest in the fall. I'm in love with the changing trees.

I was going to link up with Emily from The Freckled Fox for her "Little Letters", but I don't think she's having that linky party today. Either way, kudos to her for the idea!

UPDATE: Linky party was on Thursday. Whups, my bad!

Dear September: Where did you go? First semester is almost halfway over...
Dear Once Upon A Time: You were everything I hoped and nothing like I expected. Best episode yet!
Dear J. K. Rowling Book: You are a grave disappointment. Expect a full blogpost book review soon.
Dear Final Exam: You are NEXT WEEK!?!?! Um, what!?!?! Surrender flag being raised now.
Dear Sister: Happy travels as you're off to the Amazon. Love you.
Dear New Taylor Swift Songs Begin Again and Red: Love, love, love. I am so excited for October 22nd!
Dear Halloween: I am getting excited for costumes and the party I'm hosting :) Gotta love dressing up.
Dear Music Covers: Occasionally Sometimes Most of the time, I like you better than original music. Whups.
Dear Thanksgiving: I hope you are filled in an incessant amount of turkey, pumpkin pie, football, friends, and laughter {oh, and of course, studying}.

Happy Wednesday!


Ariel said... [Reply to comment]

I usually likes covers better than the original song too! And I'm so sad to hear the JK Rowling's book wasn't good. She is so talented, I expected it to be great. Oh well. Guess you can't really top Harry Potter...

Meg {henninglove} said... [Reply to comment]

ok i am soo craving fall weather to actually show up in CA. it feels like it will never ever be here, i want to wear boots, scarves, everything fall!

VICTORIA said... [Reply to comment]

Love this! I must be living under a rock because I had no idea JK Rowling wrote a new book. Sad to hear it's a disappointment...I guess it must be hard to live up to HP.

Shai Smith said... [Reply to comment]

I completely agree about the semester. I glanced a my syllabus last week and flipped out when I saw 'Midterms' scheduled within the next few class dates. :o